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I’m the owner and editor of blog.virttex.org. I’m also the sole contributor at the moment (and perhaps always).  In my professional guise, I’m a researcher in Ford Motor Company’s Research & Advanced Engineering group specializing in human factors and interaction technologies. It should go without saying that the content of this site is entirely mine and any opinions here are mine and are not necessarily shared by my employer. 

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Why blog.virttex.org?

..or VIRTTEX, vertex, hey what’s the point?


Ford’s VIRTTEX Driving Simulator

VIRTTEX is Ford’s VIRtual Test Track EXperiment — a large 6 degree-of-freedom driving simulator located at Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn,, MI.

On the other hand, blog.virttex.org is privately held domain that has nothing to do with Ford.  Except for one thing: back in the early 2000’s I led a talented team at Ford Research who designed, built and then operated the VIRTTEX simulator. I was also, unfortunately, responsible for the acronym VIRTTEX and that will likely be the subject of an upcoming posting. 

So why "Bonzai Institute"?

Because once you get this far into the brain, it all starts looking the same. But if you are legally entitled to enmesh yourself in the 8th dimension and find find this blog to be an infringement, let me know.

what is this blog all about?

Random Thoughts

I’m not short of opinions as most who know me can tell you. But the impetus for this blog came not from a need to sound off but from a much different place born of love for my dog. After that, I don’t know where things may go, we’ll see what we see.

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